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Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera So Dong and Kris are getting closer ah but still #TodayIWill give them the benefit of the daw.

Melanie Marquez
Pinay Beauties won in Miss World and Miss Internation. #TodayIWill give them a big hand of applause.
Ruffa Gutierrez
#TodayIWill screenshot all your messages. #BodyOfEvidence
Angeline Quinto
Lord, thank you po sa lahat ng projects but #TodayIWill just take things first at a time.
Angelito Batang Ama
#TodayIWill support RH Bill.
Jinkee Pacquiao
#TodayIWill confirm Lito Camo‘s photo.
Lito Camo
#TodayIWill claim Jinkee Pacquiao‘s Hermes Bag.
Falling in love is easy. Staying in love? #TodayIWill accept the challenge.
Claudine Barretto
#TodayIWill open a new joint account.
#TodayIWill party ROCK in the house.
Anne Curtis
#TodayIWill Let Go and Let God.
Anne Curtis
#TodayIWill start my concert tour around the Globe.
Vice Ganda
#LakasMongMakaGlobe #GoLangNgGo
Anne Curtis
#TodayIWill let go of the #TodayIWill tweets and Let God save me.
Vice Ganda
#TodayIWill be the RP’s new Box Office Queen.
Shaina Magdayao
#TodayIWill move on (but will still check your Facebook everyday)
Miguel De Guzman
#TodayIWill hurt @Chacha Bulilit
Miguel De Guzman
… by hugging you so tight.
Chacha Bulilit
#TodayIWill continue loving you.
Miguel De Guzman
#TodayIWill continue loving you more.
Melanie Marquez
#TodayIWill share my blessings in the sky.
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TodayIWill · 9 November 2011 · Comments
Hello! ako budoy
24 December 11 at 10:18
9 March 12 at 11:20
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