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Blade Trinity

Blade Trinity Damn. New blood of vampires!


Buffy Summers
Heck, they don’t even sparkle.
Jonas Roque
I wish Silverworks would actually work. Hahaha.
Sookie Stackhouse
Jonas, and you even thought of Quicksilver eh.
I know what you’re thinking.
Jonas Roque

Stay away.
Bella Swan
No need. Just stay close to me.
Marian Rivera
Nampucha! Nose bleed!
Bill Compton
Edward Cullen
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Vampire Diaries · 20 October 2009 · Comments
I want to see mommy Dionisia there. hahahah
20 July 11 at 10:46
hahha love it :P
9 August 11 at 09:23
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