Facebook, the social networking website of the planet, and its familiar web layout, functionalities, jargons and logo are owned by Facebook Inc. The use, a heavy one in Facebuko's case, of such properties and derived works are for humor's sake and does not intend to infringe copyright. Likewise, the characters involved in this saga are properties of their respective owners.

Facebuko is not and will not behave as a social networking site where users can have their own profiles and add friends. Facebuko is simply a blog updated with fake, yes fake no matter how close their statuses and responses are, yet corny and funny statuses of well-known personalities, celebrities and fictional characters.

Lastly, the comments of the readers does not necessarily reflect the views of Facebuko and its owner.

Wala na lang basagan ng trip. If imitation is the best form of flattery, then Facebuko has done it to the highest level! Facebuko is the sincerest tribute to Facebook who has changed the lives of many Filipinos and Friendster users.