Katrina Halili
July 31, 2009

Katrina Halili Ang eepal nyo’ng lahat!


Katrina found out her closest friends using Best Friends Forever Bot.

Best Friends Forever Bot predicted that these people are most likely to be BFFs with Katrina:

#1. Hayden Kho – BFF Bot’s Best Prediction
#2. Erik Chua – Highly likely (80-90%) to be your BFF
#3. Irene Kho – Good chance (60-70%) to be your BFF
#4. Vicky Belo – Medium chance (70-80%) to be your BFF
#5. Lolit Solis – Medium chance (70-80%) to be your true BFF

Cristine Reyes
Gurl, bakit hindi mo kasi sila remove as friends?
Katrina Halili
Um, sayang sa Mafia Wars member eh.
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