RG Cruz
September 21, 2009

RG Cruz should enjoy eating chocolates rather than watching the first lady wannabe, who would eventually be a bad spouse, a queen in her head without a crown, cries.

Korina Sanchez
Excuse me, do you work here?
RG Cruz
Yes ma’m… as a junior correspondent.
Korina Sanchez
How can you take wearing trenchcoats 5 times more than what Keanu did at Matrix? I don’t want a senior correspondent in the future that updates Facebook status to attack me by all means! You’re fired!
RG Cruz
Ma’m, I’ll delete na lang po my Facebuko updates. Pati po wall posts ni Tita Mel ‘wag nyo lang po akong tanggalin sa Newsroom.
Korina Sanchez
Tiangco? Skin off my nose. You’re so fired!
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