Taylor Lautner
March 12, 2012

Taylor Lautner HOLLAND – Hope Our Love Last And Never Dies

ITALY – I Trust And Love You
LIBYA – Love Is Beautiful You Also
Jeremy Lin
TAIWAN – True Adoration Is Wonderful And Never-ending
Lee Min Ho
KOREA – Keep Optimistic Regardless of Every Adversity
Mila Kunis
RUSSIA – Romance Under the Sky & Stars is Intimate Always
Keanu Reeves
CANADA – Cute And Nice Action that Developed into Attraction
Harold Lee
CHINA – Come Here I Need Affection
Kumar Patel
INDIA – I Nearly Died In Adoration
Barack Obama
KENYA – Keep Everything Nice Yet Arousing
Maria Ozawa
JAPAN – Jump And Play All Night
Manny Pacquiao
PHILIPPINES – Pump Harder I Love It Please Please I Need Erotic Stimulation
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