Blue Blink
December 5, 2010

Blue Blink Change your Facebuko profile picture to an image of a woman from your life and invite your friends to do the same. Until Dec 16, there should be no cartoons on Facebuko, but a stash of beautiful memories. This is for eliminating violence against women.

Kishin Doji Zenki
I love Hermione Granger and the Time I Got Two Idiots Out Of A Crisis Part 7.
Astro Boy
Mas maganda profile pic ko!
Cedie Errol
@Zenki – sa laki ng bag nya na pwedeng ipasok kahit tent, bakit hindi nya pinasok si Harry sa loob. Just sayin’
@Astro – parang hindi naman.
Martin Garcon
Betcha by jolie wow!
Yaiba Kurogane
@Martin nasan na yung kambal? Bwahaha!
Momonja Monmon
@Cedie What is air?
Inu Yasha
Imagine! 5 years!
Jervis Pendleton
Black Widow Baby!
Gerald Anderson Full
Pasali ako.
Jacob Black
Marry me! I have the moonstone!
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