Boss Sy
August 1, 2009

Boss Sy Need to fill in support job vacancies. Applicant interviews na naman next week. Stressful!

Alyssa Alano
Hi Sir, do you have an opening?
Boss Sy
Um, I have an opening. So does the company. Anyways, why do you want to work in our company knowing you’re already in the show business?
Alyssa Alano
It’s a boomed industry, sir.
Angelica Jones
Hi Sir, do you accept walking applicants?
Boss Sy
@Alyssa – so support guys are all dead by now @Angelica – no, we prefer flying ones!
Boss Sy
And why is it showbiz peeps are shifting to IT support? Is it the trend now? Why do they want to work in this business?
Angelica Jones
I like to explore other people.
Melanie Marquez
I want to work as IT support specialist because I want to explore myself more.
Alyssa Alano
I’m willing to be part of the graveyard.
Boss Sy
Stressful indeed.
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