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After Facebuko has been redesigned and moved to its current location last August 10, the satire Facebook account is gaining popularity in Filipino online communities. The posts have been featured and reposted via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk and other Pinoy forums.

Google Analytics and Statcounter, on their respective reports, say that Facebuko.com receives at least 3,500 unique vistors on a daily average. According to Alexa, Facebuko is among the Top 2000 from hundreds of thousands of Internet websites visited in Philippines. The site is also consistently included in the Top Blogs Philippines‘ list of Top 50 Pinoy Blogs.

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Facebuko has been featured in the following media:

Who Needs Facebook When There’s Facebuko @ CNET Asia Blogs, August 18, 2009

Episode 29 i-Hotspot: Facebuko @ QTube, October 15, 2009

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Christian San Jose‘s Mechalabaw. With the help of Facebuko readers, he won Design By Humans $10,000 Tshirt Design Contest!

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Advertise With Facebuko · 17 August 2009 · Comments
18 December 09 at 13:26
my friend has a blog and he wants to create a “FRIENDS list” like yours
in the “FACEBUKO FRIENDS” please e-mail me the code for that
12 January 10 at 18:11
ganda pla d2
24 January 10 at 13:30
pano ba mag sign up d2?
4 March 10 at 18:50
ui pano mgsign-up d2? sikat nman aq ah….:]
26 March 10 at 16:00
sign up ka lang with your name, address, signature, and drop in favorite drop boxes! :D
28 March 10 at 19:52
mka2pag log in k b d2 ..?
1 April 10 at 12:07
pano po b mg sign up d2???? :(
26 April 10 at 20:05
payment options please.
3 May 10 at 03:18
pAano po bA mAgsign up dito?
6 May 10 at 09:39
ako din panu bah…lam muh..
14 May 10 at 12:15
panu gumawa ng facebuko paturo nmn oh?
23 May 10 at 17:19
j3j3je pwHz
j3j3j3 ang cute cute poWhZ ng Blog U j3j3je
31 May 10 at 00:58
ahahhahhaa! toinkssss??!!!!!!
1 June 10 at 14:51
panu ba mag.sign up?
1 June 10 at 15:27
nice one…weet wheeww…congratzzz
1 June 10 at 22:03
6 June 10 at 16:15
8 July 10 at 19:38
ou nga!!
panu ba mgsign-up d2!!??
19 July 10 at 09:19
pwede kayang palitan ang status ng in a relationship with someone et. al.?
20 July 10 at 13:13
Ok sana ung ad.. kaso ang mahal.. hindi ko kaya.. hehehe..

Anyway nice blog!

More power.
21 July 10 at 22:27
this is nice!
7 October 10 at 05:17
10 October 10 at 16:44
kathe pajimna Dee
h0w to sign up here? .xD
4 November 10 at 21:18
pwede mag sign up
16 November 10 at 12:07
how to sign up
5 December 10 at 22:42
Ok. I got it.
27 December 10 at 17:27
how i can sign up ganda po eh !
28 March 11 at 18:28
hah…xobrang gnda talaga nito
28 May 11 at 14:20
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