Jonas Roque
August 1, 2009

Jonas Roque Hala! Totoo ba ang chismis na si Ederlyn at Dodong na ulet?

Inday Binayubay
Much as I would want to induldge in the proliferation of such indecent and malicious information, I want to life the stigma and alleviate scoeity’s perception of our profession. We’re not here to thrive on rumor but rather, we should engage in objective and top-of-the-line service to our designated employers.
Jonas Roque
Sorry na po! Ang dami namang sinabi.
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hala ng tanong lng nman ang dami ng sinabi..bwhaha!
15 August 09 at 03:11
ano daw???
19 August 09 at 01:25
=) pede po ba maging membe?
19 August 09 at 09:23
uu nga, wat daw? huy Inday marunung na ren aku mag inglis, kala mo ikaw lang pro highfalutin words lang ang ginagamit ko pag nag inglis ako. What you think of em, pickle? ahihihi!
20 August 09 at 11:10
Christine Reyes xD
hahaha pwede b q sumali d2? xD~tma ba speling nung christine reyes?
21 August 09 at 11:17
syet kanosebleed, anu b naman yan ubos ng cleene ko!!!
4 September 09 at 01:23
nosebleed T_T
18 September 09 at 18:17
16 October 09 at 01:28
well-trained si inday!!!
29 October 09 at 21:26
Mang Indo
Hey woman! I can’t fully encompass your assertions. So if you don’t mind, be assoil everytime you apportion your cerebrations. Tawag ka ni kuya!
3 November 09 at 15:53
OMG!!! Nose Bleed!!!
11 November 09 at 10:57
mang indo ,, isa ka rin! :)
4 January 10 at 00:51
7 January 10 at 18:50