Michael Fajatin
July 22, 2009

Michael Fajatin Labandera nagkamali, sinabon!!!

Inday Binayubay
It is in mistakes that we learn how to grow to be better individuals. You may judge me for what you see but it is not my mistakes that determines who i am but it is what i do to make it right. And correction, I’m not just a labandera. I am an all-around chambermaid. I have nothing against labanderas though. Hay, media these days.
Jonas Roque
NEWS UPDATE – Michael Fajatin, nasabon din! LOL!
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Sabunan na to! o_O
19 August 09 at 19:04
winner ang site na to…. kktuwa as in :)
20 August 09 at 11:33
winner! love this site!
29 August 09 at 06:13
i absolutely agree.. :D
31 August 09 at 09:17
24 November 09 at 08:20
ay ganun?! kakanosebleed ka nmn. ahahaXD
17 September 10 at 18:55