Inday Binayubay
July 11, 2009

Inday Binayubay Your temporary absence from my immediate vicinity seems to affect a slight depression of sorts within this realm of day to day existence.

Dodong Jardinero
I love you bebs.
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Sometimes I wonder why Inday fell in love with Dodong. It seems highly unlikely for a girl of her intelligence. She’s better off planning to take over the world. Mwahaha!
16 August 09 at 06:33
its got to be balls… yah… its the balls.
17 August 09 at 01:45
Lorie?! You’re here! Bwahahaha
19 August 09 at 12:44
connie paulino parungao
Inday really has a way with words!!!
29 October 09 at 08:40
Inday has a way with words!!! Luv her!!!
29 October 09 at 09:22
woah! whachisay? lol.
1 November 09 at 06:05