Jonas Roque
June 8, 2009

Jonas Roque kewl!

Heroes AbilityHeroes Ability

Jonas just took the “Find out your Heroes Ability” quiz and the result is Electric Manipulation.
Very quick of the mark and sometimes edging on ruthless, your temperament is a shock for most people. You work well under pressure, but your ability can turn against you – always carry an umbrella!

Sylar Gray
So you also have special ability?
Jonas Roque
This is only a Facebook quiz. I don’t really have the powers.
Sylar Gray
Well. I can check what’s inside your brain.
Jonas Roque
You really don’t need me. Don’t you? (nosebleed)
Sylar Gray
This won’t take long.
Jonas Roque
(internal hemmorhage na)
Micah Sanders
Got yah! It’s just me. I can also talk to Facebuko servers.
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bwahahahahaha, benta!!!
13 August 09 at 01:15
20 August 09 at 07:35
haha. psyched!
25 August 09 at 15:44
my fave facebuko entry, by far. xD
sylar <3

27 August 09 at 22:38
bawahaha AKO i have special powers! XD
30 August 09 at 16:48
4 September 09 at 08:13
Kaoru Zaoldyeck
Ohyeah!!! I like it!!! This is my favorite American series….!!! Long Live Heroes… But it already ends T_T
11 September 09 at 14:37
lol..I like heroes…sylar is bad..
16 October 09 at 12:49
13 December 09 at 00:35
acu to .. !!
aww .. !! i reaL Love it too :) ) .. !! sana saken nLang power mu syLar :D .. pwede din kay peter :”> .. !!
12 January 10 at 18:21
Hiro Nakamura
lol sylar!
17 January 10 at 14:26
reygy mendoza
hahahahaha… run for oue lives sylar gray is here
28 January 10 at 16:59